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We celebrate the special bond between a mother and her child. Like the great mind behind our logo of the phases of Venus, Galileo, we are inspired by the unique potential within all of us.
Designed in Brooklyn, hand-painted and dyed in Long Island, we are a family run business, providing style, quality, love and fun in every package.

Our products are hand-dyed or hand-painted using gentle natural botanical dyes or textile watercolors paints.  Hand-dyed using various methods, including Japanese Shibori  technique, the fabric’s journey was long before revolving into its current perfection.  One baby carriers requires 3 to 5 days of attention to come to its completion.  Each piece is slightly different due to its hand-dyed nature and the sensitivity of the botanical dyes.  


Our products are made of fine quality flax linen, fair trade hemp, and organic cotton.  European Linen is naturally cool, breathable, anti-bacterial, lint-free, becoming more lustrous and beautiful with age and a little bit of care.  We believe everyone should have a dignified quality of life and are delighted to use fair trade hemp.  Hemp is very similar to linen, but is less stretchy and more sustainable, taking less water and time to grow and manufacture.  All of our cottons are organic cotton so that you and your baby have the best that mother nature provides. 

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